Energy & Environmental Policy

Explaining spatial variations in energy efficiency adoption in New York


The confluence of the threat of global climate change, increasing energy prices, and widespread adoption of low-carbon technologies have been cited as key drivers of the energy transition. Two of the scenarios exemplified by future rates of uptake of energy transition based on expectations of change in demand, and socially incremental choices that define the […]

How the art and science of delivery is changing

On April 10, 2013, in Energy & Environmental Policy, by Joe Nyangon

As the payoff from investment in advanced-analytics management and big data revolution becomes real, the art and science of delivery is on the upswing as institutions share knowledge, tools and experience in problem solving. For instance, public policy institutions are full of good ideas on how to solve complex social problems, improve STEM pedagogy and […]

The self-organising smarts of sustainable cities

On September 22, 2011, in Energy & Environmental Policy, Project Management, by Joe Nyangon

Steven Johnson opened Emergence, his searing 2001 book on how complex systems manifest from simple rules and are driven by bottom-up behaviour, with a fascinating rhetoric: “How does a lively neighbourhood evolve out of a disconnected association of shopkeepers, bartenders and real estate developers?” he asked. “How does a media event take on a life […]

Visual representation of the book

On February 16, 2011, in Energy & Environmental Policy, by Joe Nyangon

Here’s a fun visual representation of the synopsis of Connected Dreams: How Ideas Move and Connect in Unexpected Ways, book. Looking forward to your reviews…

Innovation tournament seeks new ideas

On February 5, 2011, in Energy & Environmental Policy, Sustainable Finance, by Joe Nyangon

The Innovation Tournament 2011 is now open. The tournament which is now in its second year seeks ideas in sustainability innovation or customer-centric innovation, from an individual or as part of a team, for a solution that can be implemented in businesses worldwide. The deadline for submissions to the Innovation Tournament is March 7, 2011, and the winner […]