Risk Management

Simple ideas that lead to great discoveries

On March 18, 2012, in Risk Management, Sustainable Finance, by Joe Nyangon

Adam Savage, speaks at a TED-ED event on fascinating examples of profound scientific discoveries that essentially came from simple yet creative methods. Adam has co-hosted MythBusters, a Discovery Channel show. Adam’s talk reminded me of Steven Johnson’s book, ‘Where Good Ideas Come From‘. What is apparent is that ideas come from everywhere; no group of people or […]

Envisioning carbon markets in a doughnut space

On March 16, 2012, in Risk Management, by Joe Nyangon

In a recent Discussion Paper titled “A Safe and Just Space for Humanity: can we live within the doughnut?,” Oxfams’s Kate Raworth writes, “International carbon-offsetting schemes have been set up to enable high-emissions companies and individuals to buy carbon credits by financing investments, often in developing countries, which reduce net CO2 emissions.” Raworth has developed […]