Smart Cities & Sustainable Energy Symposium

New Strategies for Urban Sustainability Measurement and Peer City Benchmarking: A people-Centric Approach to Smart City Planning. Presented at the Smart Cities & Sustainable Energy Symposium on November 29, 2017.

Costs & Benefits of Renewable Energy Transition

Techno-Economic Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of Costs and Benefits of Renewable Energy Transition of Saudi Arabia Presented at the 2016 US Association of Energy Economics in Tulsa, OK., in November 2016.

IoT Smart Building Automation in the Hospitality Industry!

Performance Measurement Tool for Tracking Energy and Water Use Intensity in Starwood Properties. Presented to the Staff of Starwood Hotels and Resorts in Stamford, CT. in August 2015.

Research Vision & Mission

My research focuses on power system optimization and control, grid integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) from technical and economic aspects, including renewable energy integration, and power markets and power system economics. I conduct applied research on utility business models and distributed optimal electricity market design algorithms that are required to catalyze investment in distributed generation systems by blending variable renewable energy (VRE) and flexible natural gas options in order to hasten the transition to a low carbon economy.

I’d like to employ new economic thinking to evaluate the stringency and design of energy and environmental policies on power and utilities using dynamic and multi-regional econometric models, including investigating technical challenges of grid integration of DERs, understanding how VRE market participation will transform the wholesale electricity markets in the U.S., and applying game-theoretical approaches to define the “right” equilibrium number and structure of DER aggregators, improve system flexibility and enable unprecedented innovation in climate change mitigation.

Research Projects

Energy Systems Engineering, Economics & Policy

Utilities of the Future: Market, Policy & Technology

Climate-Energy Nexus & Sustainability Management

  • Climate-Energy Solutions
  • International Climate Policy
  • Sustainability Management

Infrastructure Investment, Energy Efficiency & Finance


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