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For those interested in the relationship between equity markets and unemployment, here is an interesting chart by The Economist that sums up that ‘synching feeling’.

One thing is clear, producing goods in cheap labor markets and exporting them to high valued economies only end up eroding long-term viability of these advanced economies. Therefore, even if the action is highly profitable and looks good on the balance sheet (to outsource production of some goods to cheap labor markets), this is but a short-term solution with serious long-term economic consequences.

In other news:
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CNBC: Stock market to navigate negatives of earnings and economy

In a recent Discussion Paper titled “A Safe and Just Space for Humanity: can we live within the doughnut?,” Oxfams’s Kate Raworth writes, “International carbon-offsetting schemes have been set up to enable high-emissions companies and individuals to buy carbon credits by financing investments, often in developing countries, which reduce net CO2 emissions.” Raworth has developed a global compass for sustainable development based on ‘doughnut economics,’ created by combining social foundation with environmental ceiling.

But countries are beginning to internalize environmental externalities by monetizing the greenhouse gas emissions through carbon offsets. For example, animated graphics of thirteen countries of life expectancy vs. carbon emissions, and income per capita vs carbon emissions, show remarkable carbon variations.

life expectancy v carbon emissions

Income per capita v carbon emissions

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