Institutional challenge of renewable energy investment

Institutional challenge of renewable energy investment

A new report by Climate Policy Initiative finds that institutional investors may not be able to fully cover the needed investment in renewable energy. The investors include insurance companies and pension funds, with a combined portfolio of over $70 trillion in assets.

The report titled, “The Challenge of Institutional Investment in Renewable Energy,” identifies a series of constraints especially policy barriers that hinder regulation of pension plans, investor practices and insurance companies.

The report proposes policy and institutional solutions to address these challenges, including: (i) encouraging utilities and other corporations to invest in renewable energy, (ii) fixing institutional policy drawbacks that discourage investors from the sector, (iii) modifying regulations of pension and insurance to promote renewable energy investment without creating new risks for institutions, (iv) improving institutional investor practices through capacity building in evaluating investments in the renewable energy sector, and (v) developing better pooled investment vehicles that fits institutional investors needs. Read more

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  1. The Germans have really taken off when it comes to renewable fuel sources, and have become one of the major players in the alternative energy game. Under the aegis of the nation’s electricity feed laws, the German people set a world record in 2006 by investing over $10 billion (US) in research, development, and implementation of wind turbines, biogas power plants, and solar collection cells. Germany’s “feed laws” permit the German homeowners to connect to an electrical grid through some source of renewable energy and then sell back to the power company any excess energy produced at retail prices.’

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