Energy Economics & Engineering Systems

Energy Innovation | Economics

Utilities of the Future: What to Expect From Scaled Zero Emission Targets Across the Energy Value Chain. Identifying and designing scalable energy solutions to make our economy more efficient, drive technological change, and reduce climate and transition risks.

Markets and Design | Policy

Electricity Markets, Regulation and Policy Design. Harnessing market design, regulatory economics, big data and policy design, capacity, and ancillary markets to improve energy policy design, electricity planning and decisioning, e.g., RPS, FiT, NEM, ITC.

Power and Utilities | Analytics

Energizing Innovation, Analytics, and Energy Modeling Tools…to make informed strategic and tactical decisions, e.g., Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to improve utility operations and risk management.

Our ability to electrify transportation, buildings and heavy industrial processes is the defining challenge in tackling the climate crisis.

Joe Nyangon, Ph.D.

Sustainable Energy Investment

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FEB1, 2022

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