Energy Economics | Models

Utilities of the Future: What to Expect Across the Energy Value Chain. Evaluating impacts of aggressive energy market policies to the power system using dynamic and multi-regional econometric models, particularly renewable energy and natural gas markets.

Policy | Markets & Design

Electricity Markets, Regulation and Policy Design. Harnessing the power of electricity market design, regulatory economics, big data and policy design of energy, capacity, and ancilliary markets to improve planning and decision making, e.g., RPS, FiT, NEM, ITC.

Analytics | Power & Utilities

Electrifying Data Innovation, Analytics, and Energy Modeling make informed strategic and tactical decisions, e.g., Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve utility operations and risk management.

Power & Utility Analytics, Electricity Market Design & Risk Pricing


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Dr. Joseph Nyangon is a Senior Researcher (Postdoctoral) in Energy Economics and Engineering Systems at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy of the University of Delaware and a non-resident fellow of the Payne Institute at the Colorado School of Mines, informing decisions about changes in electricity markets, infrastructure investment, climate resilience, and low-carbon energy systems. More about Dr. Nyangon

Latest News & Commentaries

October 21, 2020: New technical report: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Community Solar in Delaware: Policy Designs and Governance Frameworks to Support Community-Owned Sustainable Energy is published in SSRN Online Journal.

June 20, 2020: Joined SB 250 Stakeholders Meeting to discuss the importance of passing Senate Bill 250, which proposes to increase Delaware’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to 40% by 2035, Delaware Technical Community College’s Wilmington Campus, Delaware.

April 7, 2020: Invited to join a panel discussion on Delaware Power Dialogue on Climate Change Policy Innovations in Newark, Delaware.

October 22, 2019: Presented “Regulatory Innovation and the Convergence of Electric Utility Policies: New Business Models and Electricity Market Design” at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, 2019 in Seattle, Washington.

June 3, 2019: Technical report: Feasibility of City-Scale Solar Power Plants Using Public Buildings: Case Studies of Newark and Wilmington Delaware with Early Investigations of Bifacial Solar Modules and Dual Orientation Racking as Tools for City-Scale Solar Development is published in SSRN Online Journal.

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